Drift for Slack

Talk to your website visitors & customers in real-time

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This is neat. Install Drift's communications system for your website and then you'll be able to interact with visitors without leaving Slack!
@hnshah is this any different than Talkus or Chatlio?
@hnshah This looks *very* promising. A demo would be really nice :)
@arunpattnaik @hnshah +1 Would love to see a demo or some better pics.
@hnshah I second Sam Legge's comment - it appears you have some nice integrations...maybe you could talk more about how Drift connects to Mixpanel or one of those other tools you have on your pricing page?
@arunpattnaik hey Arun - happy to give you a demo or if you're like me and would prefer to just play around on your own you can just set up a free account.
Awesome job guys! We will soon integrate Drift ๐Ÿ˜€
Using Slaask at the moment, pretty good so far! Great support team too!
@hnshah Do you see this as an alternative to Intercom or something to use in conjunction with it?
Hey all, thanks for the feedback! I'm the CEO of Drift and am happy to answer any questions. We're a messaging tool for Businesses to better connect with their Customers. Slack is one of integrations, we also support in-app announcements and surveys like NPS and integrations with most of the popular tools businesses use today like Mixpanel, HubSpot, Zendesk, and 100s more via direct, Segment and Zapier integrations.