Drift Daily

A digest of VIP's that signup on your site

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Hey all, I'm the cofounder and CEO of Drift. Happy to answer any questions here.
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@dcancel I'll kick this off. What's the thinking behind this piece of your larger vision from a product perspective?
@dcancel Love this. I'm excited about trying out Drift when it's ready. In the past I've missed VIPs and only noticed later on. I saw sumome as an integration as well as intercom. Sumome captures leads while intercom captures trials/customers. I'm guessing I only want to set up one integration and focus on trials/customers?
@earthlingworks Ruben-long time since we last chatted! I hope all is rocking at Bidsketch! You should hook up both actually. Drift Daily works with you Subscribers, Leads and Customers. We built Drift Daily to help businesses, like Bidsketch, get to know the people that are subscribing to, interested in, and already your great customers better.
@dcancel Any ETA on Zapier or Segment or Salesforce integration? Super bummed to only see Hubspot currently supported.
@druwynings Zapier and Segment should be available next week. We can hook you up with early access if you email me at david at drift com.
This is a great idea. It's a product concept I explored with a Zack Shapiro a few years ago called whosignedup.com, and now it's great to see this live with a larger product behind the idea. Looking forward to seeing how this evolves.
@hnshah I remember @ZackShapiro telling me about Who Signed Up and was eager to give it a try. I'll check out Drift Daily, although side note: the name seems completely unrelated to me. Sounds like a racing game.
@rrhoover thanks for checking it out. Anything that reminds you of video games and/or fast cars sounds awesome to me. ๐ŸŽ
We've been using this for Tettra.co for the past week and it's been super helpful. Gone are the days of Googling for sign up's LinkedIn profiles to see where they work. Super useful tool, especially if you're using Slack.
I would not trust the upvote numbers on this, a request for upvotes was emailed to the company's master mailing list. Number jumped from mid 50s in just a few minutes.
@joshdickson40 I don't remember joining that email list either. Maybe they rebranded and it was so long ago I don't remember, but I can't find any confirmation for it in my inbox. Only that I started receiving Drift Daily emails on a weekly basis in mid-January.
@joshdickson40 They did do that, but they didn't threaten me with my life if I didn't upvote. Just a call-to-action - one I, as a person on the email list, was happy to take once I looked at the product.
@mandyburgan I'm not sure 'they didn't do it to me at gunpoint' is a valid argument, but either way, it's against the Product Hunt ToS. You can certainly send an email and say "We are launching on PH here [link]", which is not at all against ToS, and you could have upvoted anyway. Explicitly asking folks to go upvote or provide an update goal is, however, an obvious violation - not only should the smart folks behind this product know that (I'm sure they do), but it's plastered all over the submission side of things.
@joshdickson40 if you're bored today come hangout with us. We are at 1 Canal Park in Cambridge and are super friendly. Ask for me when you get here. We can hangout, chat and become fast friends.
@dcancel @joshdickson40 Did you send out an email asking for votes? If so then Josh is right about abusing the TOS. If that's the case I don't see anything wrong with Josh pointing this out. Your comment comes across as condescending and looks like a way to belittle Josh.
Guys cool idea. Looking forward to the mailchimp integration.
@leanux_bala We just launched our Mailchimp integration: https://www.producthunt.com/tech... Would love for you to check it out.