What’s one thing all marketers can’t live without? Landing Pages. But the issue is they take a ton of time to build, difficult to personalize, and still rely on forms to capture the information you need.

That’s why we built Conversational Landing Pages. Skip the form. Skip the funnel. Go straight to the conversation. Zero code required.

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Drift is at it again. Now they've created conversational landing pages. Totally worth checking out to test against traditional landing pages! I can't wait to see the case studies =)
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@hnshah Thanks for sharing Hiten!
Really excited about this one! We made conversational landing pages because we wanted to make it easier to start having conversations with customers, no code required.
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@maggiecrowley @craigdaniel Do you have any data points you can share from other companies A/B testing this vs. traditional landing pages?
@mike_seekwell we had one person get about 18% completion rate on the landing page conversation, and another anecdotal example of a customer spending 5 minutes building a landing page and filling a webinar in about 4 hours. Hoping to see more examples now that we've launched!
@maggiecrowley @craigdaniel @mike_seekwell Hey Mike! Sara here from the Drift team 👋I build + run the bots on our site! From our own campaigns, our Conversational Landing Pages are the fastest converting and best performing bots/landing pages in my 1.5 years at Drift. We just beat out the previous best performing Marketable Moment in terms of meetings booked before 10am, with 31% of the people who interacted with our Conversational Landing Page hitting a Conversation Qualified Lead (CQL) goal. Hope that helps!
Glad to see Drift take a fresh look at landing pages. Collectively B2B marketers have exhaustively tested every meaningful element of a landing page, and we're often happy when an A|B test delivers just single digit improvements. I was lucky enough to have early access to Drift conversational landing pages and I tried it for the promotion of an analyst report to a email list of about ~150,000 people https://rapidminer.drift.click/t.... It outperformed our traditional forms-based landing page as measured by metrics like completion rates. That's great, but the real win was that we were able to have meaningful real-time conversations with our customers and prospects by engaging them and answering questions while they were reading the report. Can't do that with a static landing page.
@tom_wentworth This is the best story ⚡️
@maggiecrowley nailed it with this release.. Marketers can: get up and running with Drift without any code, engage with high intent prospects in real-time while driving these Qualified Leads directly to your Sales organization which will ultimately cut down the sales cycle
@maggiecrowley @dholley1617 Faster, better pipeline. Thanks Dan!
Hey Guys, Love this recent development from Drift. I think it's about time that people start embracing this idea of focused dialogue between your users and your company, without any distraction. With the help of carefully created chatbot conversation workflow. We at @hellotars_ai have been doing it for past 3 years and have seen some unbelievable results. The conversion rate on a full page chatbot is better by on an average of 2-3 times. And the best part is, if the user drop anywhere in the middle of the conversation, you still get the partial Lead. And that is not just a sales opportunity but an opportunity to improve your conversation workflow for the future. Apart from all the marketing promises, what we have seen in our own no coding chatbot building process is that No Coding does not mean No Effort. It is still a lot of work to make an optimized conversation flow for your bot, which is actually geared towards bringing you high conversion rate. That's why we recently launched Tars PPC Chatbots here on PH: https://www.producthunt.com/post... I think the next stage of this is to build high engaging and high converting conversation workflow and tools to aid that process. And that's what we strive to do. Again loving the Idea. Keep it up 😄
@hellotars_ai @vinitagrawal Hey Vinit. Thanks for the love. We plan to!