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David from Drift here. Happy to answer any questions that anyone has about Drift 2.0. All of us at Drift are super delighted with the response. We are also all grateful to everyone who has supported our mission to make business online personal. But this is only the first inning, and we need your help. We believe that helping is the new selling and that customer experience is the new marketing. Agree? Join us and help transform the way that the world does business.
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@dcancel totally agree!
@dcancel Agree on those two points!
. @dcancel just signed up for @drift, already blown away. Both the app and the mission are spot-on. Being able to give customers premium, concierge-quality experience at scale is a huge competitive advantage. Reminds me of the early days using performable...
@mikeginnyc thank you. Performable family reunited. So excited. Let's create something awesome together. πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
@dcancel absolutely agree. @drift looks like the perfect solution for companies who are ready to save money by loosing the call centres and actually giving a quality service in a way many people would rather choose to communicate. In Asia, most countries are mobile first. Just thinking of the capabilities of WeChat. Would be interesting to see how quickly Drift picks up in Asia.
A little bit of machine learning mixed with messaging. I'm excited about Drift's 2.0 release and what it's going to do to reduce the friction in marketing and customer communications. This is the kind of product stuff that makes me excited about SaaS (again)! Feels like we're just at the beginning of what's going to be a big trend with messengers as well as SaaS as a whole.
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Hey everyone - Thanks for checking out out Drift 2.0! I'm the Product Manager over here at Drift and we are so excited to help more businesses have one-on-one conversations at scale. Feedback is always welcome. Feel free to drop a note here or talk to us through Drift πŸ˜„
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@tombenattar Thanks! It was a real team effort over here.
@mattbilotti @dcancel send my congrats to all @Drift team. Great work folks !!!
So how does this compare to Intercom?
@julesholleboom main thing is that we're focused on marketing. Also we plug in to all of the tools you're already using, because our larger goal is to help you do whole company marketing (since messaging touches every part of the business today).
@davegerhardt But Intercom also offers that, right (although at a higher price)? It has the ability to chat with lead, manage a team inbox, follow up, plus you can send automated drip campaigns. So if I understand correctly, you differentiate with AI/bots?
@davegerhardt Slack integration is awesome btw!
@julesholleboom yep. but you can play the feature checklist game for hours with any live chat/messaging product. there will always be a feature here or feature there. sounds like you gave Drift a try with Slack, love it. stay with us and we'll show you :)
@davegerhardt Partially agree. There are not that many marketing/support products out there that offer this well integrated, built and designed like Intercom does (and you do, as of today!). That's why I'm excited to see Drift 2.0 on PH and wanted to learn more about the differences/advantages which I couldn't find on the website. Apart from the fact that your messenger looks pretty familiar ;).
Got through the onboarding and made few tests. You got a very nice design and everything seems to be working fine and easily so far. Great hunt.
@jice_lavocat nice! Thanks Jice. Glad you made it!
@jice_lavocat Thank you πŸ™ŒπŸ½
@jice_lavocat I agree Jice, it is a great product! So happy to see a local startup doing well here on PH as well!
@jice_lavocat :) if you have any design feedback please let us know!! always looking to make Drift better