Dress By Weather

Always know what to wear before you leave the house

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I like the idea, but how often do people jump on chrome first thing in the morning before heading out to leave? This seems like it would be more useful for mobile?
@johnson3650 indeed the next step in the roadmap is to develop a mobile app!
Hi @grmmph ! I really like this useful service. This issue is close to me. I especially like this simple and clear UI. It is strange that for hot weather the service offers me only dresses. It could also offer skirts, shorts, leggings or wide light summer pants. It is great you distinguish between the actual temperature and the "feels like". But I can't get the state when these two measures would be different. The service shows me actual temperature always equal to "feels like". I think I'll use it in everyday life.
@anasta_mova Thanks for the feedback! Will take these considerations into the next release!
Good morning hunters! This is my first Product Hunt submission, so I'm excited! A few weeks back, when the spring just arrived here in Europe, I've noticed once again one of the most annoying 1st world problems - I always get under- or overdressed for the weather. This would have result a few days in bed due to a cold, or just carrying my coat around with me the whole day because it was too warm. I could have, and did, looked at the weather before I leave the house, but all of the weather apps showed me numbers or icons - there's none that tells me in a straightforward way what I should wear, with pictures and stuff. So I decided to create one. Feedback is very appreciated!
@grmmph haha this is a cool approach :) @jacqvon you might like this!
Like Mylo which is currently for men. Also Swackett has been doing this for a few years now.
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