Dreem 2

A next generation headband to sleep better

Improving your sleep doesn’t need to be an uphill struggle. Dreem 2 breaks it down into manageable steps:
1. Understand your sleep with a sleep monitoring headband and reports.
2. Act on Sleep with a tailored program
3. Combat stress with audio techniques
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Hi PH, I’m Hugo Mercier, CEO and co-founder of Dreem, a neurotech company based in Paris and New York. After launching Dreem 1 here in June 2017 which had a great success, we’re really excited to share our next generation headband- and FDA-registered Class II Medical device- Dreem 2 with you. With more than 1,000,000 nights completed and thousands of users who are improving their sleep day-to-day, we’ve had some great feedback about the product. Here are some of the optimizations we’ve been working hard on for the past year: - Improved comfort - Reworked size adjustment, making it a better fit for all head sizes. - Better sound coming from the bone conduction. - A charging dock is now included for free; no more messy cables. In other news, you can also find a recent clinical study on our website that which shows that Dreem hardware reaches a similar level of precision as a traditional sleep lab when it comes to measuring sleep. Dreem 2 is available on https://www.dreem.com/en with a special promo code just for you hunters! I would love to get your feedback and I’m happy to answer questions! Thanks, Hugo
Hugo, thanks for iterating on Dreem 1, which I enjoyed! It is by far the most accurate sleep tracking system for home use that I have ever seen. The biggest frustration I had with Dreem 1 is that it was uncomfortable (I shave my head so it doesn't feel great!) and eventually the band became loose which caused the readings to become less accurate. That ultimately led to me no longer using it. How have you improved on those two areas in Dreem 2?
@the_scott_davis Hi Scott, Thank you for your feedback, really appreciate it! We've started our work on Dreem 2 from that kind of feedback. The main difference between Dreem 1 and Dreem 2 is comfort. There are two things who could surely improve these points: 1/ Materials are softer, 10cm3 of lightweight, waterproof foam have been added to the headband, to be comfier during sleep. 2/ Back sensors have been changed and are now way softer, Dreem 2 testers were clearly not feeling it anymore. 3/ Reworked size adjustment, you get S,M,L adjusters in the packaging. This will allow you to adjust depending on your needs, and avoid the headband to become loose. Feel free to reach if you have any other questions! Sacha
@sacha_azoulay Thank you for the information. I appreciate it.
Not used the product, but i think you guys have got together all the elements of a 'modern' sleep quality enhancement product. I am curious as to how you would go about ensuring that the tips are truly customized and don't get 'run of the mill'. So for example In the past I have stopped using a fitness improvement mobile app based program because the auto generated tips started sounding a bit boring. Until the time i could actually talk to one of their experts.... Great product, once again !
@kaushik_mhadeshwar1 Hi Kaushik, Really good question: actually we have a machine learning team who is working since 4 years on personalized algorithm that run every morning and build advice that aree always more tailored, depending on all the night data that the headband get, and these algorithm are always updated and optimized to get the most value of your data. Meaning that it's not just a tracker with classic advice. Thank you for the feedback :)
I just want an all-in-one pill that knocks me out at a specified time and wakes me up at a specified time.
@lusciouslushies It's still not a pill, (sleeping pills are not the best thing for your health), but for an insomniac it takes 6 to 8 weeks to take control of his sleep and reduce drastically the time he takes to fall asleep, for good. All of that naturally and without pills.
How do you guys differentiate from Fitbit? Do you accept YSA cards? Do you have Free night Trials? Quel est le code promo svp? :)
@carole_attlan_real_estate_ As I told @kaushik_mhadeshwar1 Dreem is not just a tracker. The difference is on 3 points: 1/ About the tracking, we worked to integrate cerebral activity sensors in the headband that allow us to get a sleep-lab-level prevision. (75% accuracy, like polysomnography. Sleep trackers are at 50%). You can learn more on our research page: https://dreem.com/en/research 2/ The second main difference is that Dreem is measuring accurately sleep but also help people improve it with solid coaching programs and tailored reports. For example, after 7 days, you get a full personalized report on your sleep, and depending on that Dreem push the right program for you. One of them is a program inspired from the CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) who is solving sleep problems (falling asleep, awakenings, tired during the day) efficiently, in a few weeks. 3/ Audio techniques and real-time coaching: Dreem has also several audio techniques to help you fall asleep faster, and wake up at the optimal moment thanks to the smart alarm. Among that, you can get real calls from sleep experts to learn more about your sleep and how you can improve it, based on your data.