The ultimate teambuilding platform for esports and gaming

DreamTeam is the ultimate teambuilding platform that solves problems for hundreds of millions of gamers who want to find teammates, improve skills, manage teams, and earn money. And with the unlocking of blockchain and smart contract technologies, DreamTeam is building a one-of-a-kind payment gateway for players, teams, tournaments and sponsors.

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Love the space. Curious why the blockchain is needed for this, @alexander_kokhanovskyy?
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@alexander_kokhanovskyy @rrhoover Hey man, so i've been in esports for 19 years and have been facing numerous issues which never been fixed - non-payment of prize money by tournaments organizers, non-delivery of sponsorship obligations by teams or players, fraud by team owner who tricks their players by non-paying them salary or a prize money, etc. On DreamTeam we are using smart contacts to finally securely connect all parties in gaming/esports space and ensure 100% deliverables from both sides.
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Product closed ICO ($10M) and has real product as well as huge expertise in the field.


The one platform to build and manage your esports team


Has no game servers to practice with other teams yet (coming later this year)