Dream Big. Hustle Hard.

The millennial woman's guide to success in tech


Dream Big. Hustle Hard. is a book with practical advice for 20-somethings from diverse backgrounds to land a job in tech or progress their career. Each chapter contains anecdotes, activities and frameworks which will give ambitious individuals the motivation and tools they need to maximise their potential in a competitive career landscape.

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Theo Ohene
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    Real! Honest! Empowering



    Just received my copy, if its anything like Hustle Crew events and Abadesi personal mentorship, then I know the book is going to be absolutely awesome... cant wait to get stuck in!

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  • People of Creativity
    People of CreativityCo-founder People of Creativity

    Actionable advice that can ACTUALLY help millennials in the workplace.



    This is such an awesome commitment to the tech community and a necessary piece of literature in a space which is in dire need of fixing. Utilising your experience to ensure non-techy people like ourselves can feel included is so valuable. Please do not stop sharing.

    We are big fans of actionable advice that you can take digest and do!!

    Awesome book

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  • Rodney Gold Detchebs
    Rodney Gold DetchebsFounder, Alt Ed

    very useful and relevant to me, insightful, and I love the activities at the end of each chapter



    I am honestly so happy I bought this book! As someone very confused with what I wanted to do in life, Dream Big, Hustle Hard has helped give me some sort of focus and direction. From uni advice to how to negotiate your salary, there's something useful in this book for everyone. If you are a student you'll definitely benefit a lot from it. If you are an adult looking to transition into tech, it's a worthwhile read. Either way, this was money well spent!!

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  • Andy Ayim
    Andy AyimPathways for undervalued founders

    Practical advice for Millennials


    No cons at present

    Love the journey Aba has been on and the value she is delivering with this awesome book.

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  • ab
    abCreating content and experiences

    Absolutely love Aba's clear, direct and structured approach.


    Can't get enough!

    Really helpful in a world where there's a lot of messages and not much career clarity

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