A whiteboard for you laptop lid

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Eric Swayne
@eswayne · Funimation & DrawAttention
Greetings, whiteboardians. Product Hunt was awesome enough to feature us on their most recent newsletter, so we're gonna awesome right back. Use the promo code "PRODUCTHUNT" for 25% off!
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Kevin Xu
@imkevinxu · Hacker @ Stripe
The quote on the website “Suddenly i need one of these. 10 minutes ago i was unaware of it.” is so true
persona of interest
@andrewhyde · Techstars
We should pre buy a ton of these to give out at Dallas Startup Week @kyletaylored
Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
This could be fun. Reminds me of the whiteboards hanging on dorm room doors. http://www.drawattention.co/imag...
Joe Lemay
@lemayjoe · CEO at GetRocketbook.com
nice. I think I'll get one, and use it with Lumocolor Correctable pens by Staedtler. Unlike dry erase markers, they don't wipe off so easily by mistake, but they erase perfectly when you use the felt eraser. check them out. And they come in much finer tips, which are better for smaller surfaces. Make sure you get the "correctable" pens, not the "non-perma… See more
Sarp Erdag
@sarperdag · Developer of Typorama & Videorama Apps
Should come with some permanent marker pen, otherwise the writings will fade away when the laptop goes into its case / bag. Easy little recommendation for the founders :)