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Hi, author here. I created this as an homage to V. Mirvald, a Czech artist I recently discovered through an exhibition in Prague. This is also an introduction to creative coding and animation with d3.js I prepared a discount for product hunters, code: producthunt https://gum.co/mirvald/producthunt Should you have any questions, feel free to ask me. Thank you Robert for sharing.
I got this as part of the Gumroad Small Product Lab. While the technical is a bit beyond me at this point, the samples are amazing and the book opens me up to what can be done out there combining code and art.
@fabian_dubois is it accessible for designers without so much knowledge of D3?
@antoineplu Yes, you should be able to follow the examples in the book without knowledge of d3. Having read an introduction on d3.js is definitely a plus for deeper understanding and building upon the examples, but I tried to keep beginners in mind.