Transform your Gmail into organized task lists

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Saied Tehrani
@saiedtehrani · http://www.autolook.co
@nptimms well done! You probably have seen this question coming 😉: What is the difference between DragApp and Sortd?
Nick Timms
@nptimms · DragApp.com
Hey everyone (thanks Kevin for the listing!). I want to introduce Drag. I would love everyone's feedback. We have a Public Roadmap here (so you can see what we're working on): https://trello.com/b/41FGtlod/ Drag transforms your Gmail into organized Task Lists. Drag’s free Task List app turns your inbox into a manageable workspace (just like Trello, but fo… See more
@kristofertm · Founder @ Lamplighter Labs. #7 on PH.
This looks great. I like the toggle on/off switch to get back to reg gmail
Andrew Brodsky
@andrewjb44 · Digital Product Guru
I love this! Always looking for the best way to tame my Gmail.
Danny McDonald
@danny_mcdonald · WaVE Accelerator Manager & Ark Apps
Had no idea this existed. I literally created a Trello board the other day to prioritize my email just like this. Love it, and never heard of Sortd either. Think I may give of them a try and see how it goes! Meanwhile, I love the toggle to switch from Gmail to Drag quickly. It's like swiping between screens on my mac, super quick and I will fidgetly do it a … See more