Drag Team

The simplest way to share emails as a team.

Drag Team is the best way to Share your Inbox in Gmail, in Trello-like boards. Share company emails like sales@ and your own email like john@ right from inside Gmail.

Drag allows teams to create shared boards right from inside their inbox, eliminating the extra steps of navigating to multiple apps to organize their day.

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  • webtik.infoE-Marketer,webtikinfo

    Very easy to use and really great to handle messages on the flow


    Since Drag 2.0 all the lack I expected are fixed now :) So make a try! It really worth it!

    I was used to create a lot of directories before to use Drag, and now I'm able to have a clear process and all my workflow into Gmail without pain ^^ Awesome Product!!!

    webtik.info has used this product for one month.
  • Roland TrimmelCo-founder, Re-Compose

    Simple and easy, with no need to leave your inbox


    Haven't found any yet

    Afaik, a lot of people use their inbox as some sort of task manager. So, being able to use Drag which sits directly in your inbox makes prioritization of these tasks much easier. It's very useful, because you can lay out stuff into different columns .. which is the preferred method for many task managers.

    Roland Trimmel has used this product for one month.


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Nick TimmsMakerPro@nptimms · Drag is live today (12th July)!
Hey everyone, Nick here from DragApp.com. Help Desk tools work for big companies, but small companies look for simpler alternatives. Drag for Teams is a Shared Inbox allowing teams to manage shared accounts such as support@ or sales@, right inside Gmail, in Trello-like boards. We think that email is broken. We also think that using third-party Help Desk tools like Freshdesk, Zendesk or Groove is not needed if you’re a small company. (Rocket) Drag turns Gmail into an organized, shared inbox instantly. We're officially launching Drag Team on Product Hunt today! (Rocket) We have 30,000 users and some super-cool companies such as Uber, AirBnB, Spotify and Netflix to make their inbox awesome. Now it's time to share Drag Team with everyone :) I'd love your feedback on Drag Team. We've made it a more powerful experience where you can: »Share emails like support@ and sales@ with your team Manage a shared email account like support@ and sales@ from inside Gmail. Delegate emails, add and keep track of tasks with your team. »Turn your inbox into personal boards Turn your inbox into multiple lists (we call them boards), in seconds. Create customized lists and organize your inbox by drag ‘n’ drop. »Turn your inbox into shared boards Work with your team to reach inbox zero inside a shared inbox. With Drag you can set up your team to see and reply to inbound emails and get things closed, faster. We have a really active community also and here's our 12-month Product Roadmap: trello.com/b/41FGtlod/drag-public-roadmap We're here all day to answer questions so please let us know! Thanks Nick
Lee Sherman@lsherman · Content Strategist
@nptimms the Drag team has done a great job of making a Kanban style tool that feels native to Gmail while adding useful functionality for individual users and small teams alike
Duda BardavidMaker@dudabardavid1 · Co-founder, MBA @ MIT Sloan
@lsherman thanks there is still loads of cool things to come, bear with us :)
Allen Krasna@akrasna · CEO, Amutat Kitvei Yad
when it was just "Trello in Inbox" I played with it but was not sold. Now if I can share files in my inbox - it really has more value to me
Nick TimmsMakerPro@nptimms · Drag is live today (12th July)!
@akrasna thanks for considering us again :) It's really a transformed tool now in terms of collaboration with team. However, I fully acknowledge that we have a very long way to go! Appreciate the time to review again. The big value for us is the 'chat' on emails also. Have you tried?
Stefano Pisoni@stefano_pisoni · CMO, JotURL Srl
Cool product Nick!
Nick TimmsMakerPro@nptimms · Drag is live today (12th July)!
@stefano_pisoni Haha, thanks Stefano. JotURL looks super-cool too (and great campaign performance on PH). How big is the team?
Duda BardavidMaker@dudabardavid1 · Co-founder, MBA @ MIT Sloan
Thanks, @stefano_pisoni, Really motivating to see happy users like you :) Any feedback let us know!
Tran Duong@tran_duong · topica
It's a great tool. Helped me a lot in email management. Thanks team !
Nick TimmsMakerPro@nptimms · Drag is live today (12th July)!
@tran_duong thank you! Are you using to manage sales enquiries or customer support/other?
Duda BardavidMaker@dudabardavid1 · Co-founder, MBA @ MIT Sloan
@tran_duong you are more than welcome! Thanks for the comment, glad to hear that we have been helping you be more productivity :)
Mrykin Pavel@mrykin_pavel
It's a miracle. But at the moment I can not use this product, why? 1. It does not support Cyrillic (although some of the letters are displayed correctly) 2. I have the mail divided into "Primary", "Promotions", "Updates", and when you connect Drag, then the letters from all the tabs drop in To Do. Is Drag have any filters for this? I like the idea of this product and I look forward to using this product.
Nick TimmsMakerPro@nptimms · Drag is live today (12th July)!
@mrykin_pavel haha, a miracle is an awesome description! I believe @dudabardavid1 is speaking with you on how / when this will be in place for you :)
Duda BardavidMaker@dudabardavid1 · Co-founder, MBA @ MIT Sloan
Hey @mrykin_pavel yeah I remember your case with Cyrillic, bear with us as this will be supported soon :) About your second point, this is easy: Drag is synchronized with your Primary inbox, which means that if you enable the Gmail tabs (Social, Promotions, etc), those emails will go to separate tabs in Gmail and thus won't load into Drag. If you are receiving them in Drag there is definitely something wrong and I can check on it, is this your case? Looking forward to having you in the team as well :) thanks
Mrykin Pavel@mrykin_pavel
@dudabardavid1 yes, is my case :( Can the emails be separate at the moment they come? If they are already in the mailbox and are broken up into groups, then they merge into To Do?
Duda BardavidMaker@dudabardavid1 · Co-founder, MBA @ MIT Sloan
@mrykin_pavel yes they definitely can be separate. Please email me at duda@dragapp.com and let's schedule a screen sharing session to check on it!