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#3 Product of the WeekOctober 23, 2017

With Draftsend you can record a presentation with your voice to share it on social media, privately with clients or your team, or embed it on your website. There's a free plan, so it's super easy to get started!

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Hi Product Hunt 👋 I’m Hiten, co-founder of Draftsend. Our team has been working hard and we’re super excited to share it with the Product Hunt community! We decided to rethink what’s possible with presentations, starting with audio. With Draftsend your presentations won't ever have to speak for themselves again. Draftsend lets you narrate your presentations, share them publicly and privately via a link or an embed, and track what people do with them. Just upload a PDF of your presentation. Then you can add audio to it. During our early access period we’ve seen people use Draftsend for a range of different things. To share a recorded presentation instead of having a meeting, give more context to a document they shared within their company, and give details about the work they did for a client. There are core parts of this experience we’re still looking to learn about and would love your opinion and feedback on. Here are a few of the questions we have: - Do you want to record, or are you more prone to share without audio? (which you can do too!) - How long would you want to record for? Ten minutes? Over an hour? - What types of use cases do you see yourself adding audio to in your presentations? We’d love to hear your feedback in the comments, via in-app Drift chat, or email me at hiten@draftsend.com or @hnshah on twitter. Since our goal is to learn and make Draftsend even better, if you sign up today by visiting from Product Hunt, you’ll get the Lite plan free for life so you can share your public and private presentations using Draftsend.
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@hnshah This looks great! Excited to try it out for my next fund raising deck ;)
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@sameerkat *love* that use case =)
@draftsend @hnshah There's no way to contact you guys/gals on the site? You should add a contact system there... Two questions: 1. I have audios already recorded, can I simply upload an audio file with your system? 2. What's the quickest way to create a simple pretty 1- or 2-page PDF on the Mac / Web? Even if it's a 3rd party app that's OK — just would like to know... Thank you!
@draftsend @hnshah Another very useful feature would be a commenting system for viewers (& author, of course) on each presentation page. Any chance this is in already? Or will you be adding it?... Thank you!
@andylima We will get Drift up on our homepage shortly. 1. You can't upload audio files yet. Did you have a specific use case in mind? 2. We like to use desktop tools for creating presentations such as Apple's Keynote. PowerPoint works too!
We’re really excited to see what you do with Draftsend! During early access, we learned how to refine the recording experience and iterated quite a bit to get to what we have today. We also learned about the different ways that people were using Draftsend. We were surprised at how many unexpected use cases came up. Here are a few we’ve learned about so far: - A founder talking through an investor update instead of just sending an email. - A salesperson pitching a prospect in their own voice, without a phone call. - A designer sharing brand work with their client. - A CEO recording each board meeting deck to share with investors and their team. - A marketer talking through a weekly analytics report to give more context. - A customer success person creating a training presentation to onboard new clients instead of doing a webinar or phone call for each customer. - A teacher sharing a recorded lecture with students as part of their homework. - A student recording their class presentation to rehearse, and sharing it with peers. We know that the Product Hunt community loves to learn so we’ve put together a page of featured presentations that your 👀 and 👂 will ❤️. https://draftsend.com/examples?r... We’re really excited to learn about more use cases from the Product Hunt community!!
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@marie_prokopets Congrats on the launch. I'm curious to try it, and am wondering why Draftsend is a better alternative to using a screen recording tool which is what I currently do. Thanks!
@amritachandra Thank you! People who use screen recording software regularly have mentioned that Draftsend is easier, more intuitive and faster for some use cases. I'd love for you to try it and let us know what you think! :)
@marie_prokopets @hnshah I was just going through Sean Work's presentation. I ended up casting it on my TV and realised this could be slideshare killer too :). Was that part of used case as well?
@marie_prokopets @get2vikasjha yes, we learned that people have marketing use cases that SlideShare currently solves for them. We're excited to explore more in this area.
@marie_prokopets @hnshah 💖 the app! I've been using Draftsend to practice my talks, tutorial videos, etc... Here's a sample: http://draftsend.com/mijustin/co...
Cool product! It definitely beats using PowerPoint with a screen record going. I have made YouTube videos for presentations where this would have been perfect to use. I could definitely see course makers using this in the future, too.
@w Awesome! Also love your Product Hunt tagline 👏
@w Thanks Riley! 😄

Love the interface for sharing documents, with an audio track, and am already thinking of a bunch of use cases. I'm going to start using this for my board decks. :-)


Really clean interface, excellent audio and sharing featuers


Haven't found any yet

It was super easy and enjoyable to create a presentation. I'm excited to try this tool in Appcues' marketing efforts. (Here's a link to the presentation I created: How Startup Marketing is Like Surfing: https://draftsend.com/documents/... )
@tymagnin nice! love this.
@tymagnin here's a link to your presentation: https://draftsend.com/tymagnin/h...