Max Stoiber
Max Stoiber reviewedDraftJS Plugins 2.0Now with rich text editing toolbars & drag’n’drop for images

- Plug together existing plugins for a great rich text editor

- Very easy to customize and extend

- Works perfectly with React


- DraftJS doesn't work on Android with some international keyboards

This is such an important piece of the DraftJS ecosystem. Without DraftJS Plugins everybody would have to go an reinvent the wheel for their own editor, with plugins all of that can be shared!

We've been using DraftJS and DraftJS Plugins in production for the past couple of months, and it's made everything so much easier to do. We've also released a couple of plugins for you to use and enjoy like!

I could not recommend DraftJS Plugins more 👌

Max Stoiber has used this product for one year.
Julian Boolean
Julian Boolean@juliandoesstuff
Thanks for the review max and all the contributions to the project!