Drafted Sourcer helps you search your entire company network and get introductions to talent that would otherwise not respond to your InMails

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We use Drafted for recruiting at Tettra. Being able to source candidates by role and figure out who at our company can make the intro is a game changer. I highly recommend checking it out.
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The idea behind Drafted Sourcer is to help you focus on your unique advantage as a company when competing for talent - which is your company network. No other company has that exact same network, which means that you have a leg up. If you can search hundreds of thousands of people in your company network and get 1-click introductions to them with powerful integrations and filters, candidates will respond to the introduction requests from you way more often than they respond to cold InMails from other recruiting teams.
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nice work vinayak!
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@passingnotes Thanks David! It's thanks to the product team :)
It's no secret that the best candidates don't look for jobs—great jobs find them. In that spirit, I'm always on the hunt for new products that make sourcing great people easier. Thanks @pseudovirtual and @zmrobins!
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@zmrobins @hijonathan We hope you enjoy the new updates :)
We use Drafted at Lola.com to get more employee referrals, now I love that they have a sourcing tool as well!
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