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Vinayak Ranade
Vinayak RanadeMaker@pseudovirtual · CEO at Drafted
Hey everyone! I'm the founder and CEO at Drafted, and we are excited to be on PH today. Teams that are hiring often have "sourcing meetings" where they spend hours combing through individual team members' networks trying to find good candidates and then doing cold outreach. Drafted for teams saves hours of searching by combing the network for you, and improves your response rates by 10x by helping you get personal introductions through your social and professional networks. Would love to hear suggestions and feedback.
Dave Gerhardt
Dave GerhardtHiring@davegerhardt · VP of Marketing at Drift
David Feng
David Feng@davidsfeng · Co-Founder at Reamaze
@pseudovirtual Looks great! Is this mainly driven by LinkedIn? Any ai smart automation behind the scenes?
Vinayak Ranade
Vinayak RanadeMaker@pseudovirtual · CEO at Drafted
@davidsfeng this is driven by connections from google, LinkedIn, and we are adding more sources soon. Indeed, there is a smart learning algorithm behind the scenes that helps recommend who to go after. We believe in AI assisted human decision making :)
Austin Sandmeyer
Austin Sandmeyer@as_austin · Thinker/Student/Rockstar
@pseudovirtual @davidsfeng Very awesome! :) Love the concept behind this! Keep up the great work! 👍
Nakul Mandan
Nakul MandanHunter@nakul · Lightspeed Venture Partners
Employee referrals is the #1 way most companies hire. By building an open marketplace for referral based hiring, Drafted enables employees as well as a company's extended network to refer candidates from their own networks, help their friends get great jobs and get rewarded along the way.
Mike Volpe
Mike Volpe@mvolpe · CEO at Lola.com
I spend 70% of my time recruiting - it is time consuming but essential for building a startup. Anything that helps streamline the recruitng process, especially for referrals, is very helpful!
Austin Sandmeyer
Austin Sandmeyer@as_austin · Thinker/Student/Rockstar
@mvolpe I completely understand! Anything that helps! 🙌
Jono Schafler
Jono Schafler@jschafler · Partner @ LAUNCH
Drafted just keeps getting better. v1.0 was a great feature, but it's evolved into a killer product. We're using them at my company.
Joe Bagel
Joe Bagel@mtlbagelboy · mister spokesman @ transit
Looks great guys!! 🔥