Drafted for Slack

Slack app for employee referrals


Vinayak Ranade
(Vinayak here, CEO and founder at Drafted) Hey @dharmesh thanks so much for hunting this! We're really excited about this launch. It's based on a lot of feedback from early Drafted users that wanted an easier way to engage their teams when hiring. No one wakes up in the morning and thinks "hey I'm going to refer someone today". DraftedBot makes timely and… See more
Julie Lungaro
@juliedigsdesign · UI/UX designer, EverTrue
Makes employee referrals super easy! Excited to try this out!
Mike Volpe
@mvolpe · CMO Cybereason, old HubSpot CMO, angel
As someone who has hired hundreds of people, I know referrals are the best hires. Anything to make that easier is very valuable!
Parul Singh
@parulia · founder, gradeable.com
I love it when a Slack app is truly useful! And who doesn't need hiring help... Great job Vinayak & team!
Christian Allen
@christian_allen · CEO, GetHuman
Love finding an app on PH that I can use today. We're about to put out the feelers for a new hire and already discussing extensively on Slack. You guys wire-tapping us? Seriously- thank you Drafted for inserting something useful right into the middle of what we were in the middle of doing #middleSquared (?). Will let you know how it goes.