A collaborative software cost and time estimation app

Efficient project estimation starts with a proper work breakdown structure. Invite your colleagues, brainstorm, and create the breakdown together. Get started now for free!
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Hey Hunters πŸ‘‹ I'm very excited to introduce you the very first version of our product - a collaborative software estimation platform. allows you to easily perform project work breakdown, come up with team verified estimates and organize the project timeline all in a single platform. Please start using and sharing your feedback here. You can sign up for free now! Happy to answer any questions you may have!
Good job and for the right time :)
@samvel_martirosyan Agree, collaborative platforms make it easy to stay home and work online.
its an amazing product, already helping me a lot on reorganizing my projects timming and real price/cost. Thank you so much!
@evaristocosta74 Our users' satisfaction is the most important thing for us. We are happy to have a user like you!
Love the idea, the project estimation was always one of the biggest issues in software consulting. Would love to see this idea evolving and comparing your estimate with similar already estimated projects.
@yerem_khalatyan1 Valid point. We are going to make the historical data part of Dowork so the platform will make recommendations based on your previous projects automatically.
How are you planning to integrate Agile concepts here... Estimations are in hours/story points or days.
@aj002 When you create a project you choose whether you want to estimate in hours or days. You can even select your working days and working hours so all these will be considered during estimation. You can also put an overhead buffer for daily scrums, grooming, and planning meetings.
@mushgev: Thank you for prompt response. Appreciate it. What I meant was there are different methods for MoSCoW, T Shirt etc. and like, I am used to estimate in story points and didn't find the option explicitly.
@aj002 Got it. We are currently supporting Three-point estimate with Standard Deviation where you specify days or hours. More estimation techniques like T-shirt are coming very soon. They are in our TODO list for the next release.