Face swap AI-tool for GIF lovers 👥

#3 Product of the WeekJanuary 13, 2020
Users can make their favorite GIF memes and reactions personal with just one selfie and share them directly to social media and messengers. Powered by RefaceAI technology.
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@chrismessina thanks for hunting us! -- 🖖 Hey Product Hunters! A year ago, the story of our first realistic face swap service, Reflect Step I: Face Swap, started here. Thanks to your support, we were nominated for Golden Kitty Awards in the category AI & Machine Learning, tweeted by Elon Musk (and we didn’t deepfake it), and featured on Mashable and Forbes (the proof we didn’t deepfake Elon Musk). 🙌 You helped us discover there’s an awesome community out there. So we took the next step and created a new product — this time, even more mind-blowing and fun. 🙀 Meet Doublicat — our new face swap AI-tool for GIFs. If you try it and find the meme with your face looks creepily realistic — you’re right. That’s because we don’t simply put a face on top of a pic but create a new image using Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN). 👨‍💻 We called our technology RefaceAI and our researchers keep experimenting and evolving it. Our goal is to develop the world’s best visual content personalization tool — and you can clearly help us with that. 💬 Please share any thoughts and comments below or DM us on Twitter. Likes or dislikes, love or criticism — anything is very welcome.
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A state of the art fun generating tool!)) Since the last week (when the app was downloaded), I generated and shared a couple of hundreds GIFs. Am I going to stop? - Never!) Cuz it's pure fun and an amazing way to share personalized emotion to people you communicate with. As a huge GIF lover (I know...I know...) I've previously tested lots of similar apps / services, but the result they provided....wasn't even close to Doublicat. You've done an amazing job guys and literally disrupt the market. Setting an unexpectedly high standard for the rest ones. Keep rocking!
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@kryvorchuk thank you very much! I guess couple of hundreds of swapped gifs is not the limit! On our side we promise to do our best in becoming better and moving as fast as we can 🚀
@kryvorchuk Andrew, appreciate your support! Will work hard on making it a benchmark tool for face swapping and providing the best emotions to our users!
Super funny! Awesome tool to create personalized gifs for any conversation!
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@dklvch Thanks, dude! 👨‍🎤
I love it! Such an incredible tool!
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@denis_scvortsov and it's just the beginning! 🚀
@chrismessina thanks for hunting us!
Check it out, mates!
Or maybe that one?)
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