Dots & Co

A beautiful puzzle game from the creators of TwoDots

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Jake Crump
@jakecrump · Community Team with Product Hunt
@patrickmoberg and @KrisHorowitz What were some of your main goals during the development of this game? What aspects of the finished game are you most pleased with?
Jesse Cohen
@bigcoheen · Founder of MCI, creator of MAN DO
Liking the UI. Nice and simple to use. How do you cope with the IAP model with games in this niche? Does the overhead of build out way it's income or is this a labour of love?
James Cooper
@koopstakov · Head of Creative, Betaworks
Brendan Bilko
@bilko · betaworks // Dexter
The game is absolutely beautiful. Well done Dots team.
Ellen Choi
@lnchoi · Entrepreneur
Big fan of dots here and love the new aesthetics!