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The idea for dotmos started back in 2008, when I noticed that social bookmarking and networking did a great job of showcasing content that people cared about, but it was, and remains, difficult to see the big picture across all of these sites. Dotmos hopes to make discovering that content as simple as searching our site for any topic that interests you at any given moment. The platform isn't meant to replace Google, but provide an alternative view on the web, showing things that you would likely never see on a traditional search engine. We also want to give our users the ability to create their owns views on these topics, and are building collection and community tools to that will allow anyone to save, organize and publish their own results pages, called 'Dots.' In addition to building the curation community, we're working on better relevance, new sources for content and our own self-driving car. Happy to answer any questions, and stoked on be on PH!
@webtech First and foremost, best of luck with the self-driving car! It's very interesting how you surface content from Reddit, Insta, Flickr, AngelList, Youtube, etc., this is potentially super useful for first-pass marketing and social media quick searches. I tried out a few different searches: first was a single word (meditation) for which the results were really spot on, varied and useful. Getting into a two-word search (bicameral mind) surfaced a little bit of content that was relevant to the search, but generally consisted of bifurcated results (in this case, dominated by the more familiar search term, resulting in tons of context-less "xyz will blow your mind" videos, etc. Finally, I did a partial phrase search (Startup Tools for Free) and got the recent Product Hunt post on Medium, as well as some other good tools -- unfortunately things quickly devolved into random Yelp listings and scary dog videos. I really like the idea and will use it for marketing work. I'm excited to see what direction you go in terms of focus on a particular use case!
@playswithfood Hi Dave - glad you caught that! And we still have lots to do in terms of relevance and sorting, but there are plenty of ideas that will be rolling out in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.
Interesting new platform for searching the web, showing more than a list of links. Results are grouped by relevancy and source(s). See the results for "Product Hunt" for example. @webtech can tell you more!
Great UI/UX experience!
Interesting concept. It would be awesome to see a more distinctive UI to highlight different search medium (images, social etc)
@avrliza Hi Liza. UI is high on our list and we hope to make improvements based on early feedback.
Nice design. Interesting selection of results. Unfortunately I won't be able to use it since I have 3 kids in the house. My first search (business related) rewarded me with an Instagram result showing full frontal nudity. She's pretty, mind you, but um, no. Say what you will about those pesky text-only results but, for now, they'll have to do.
@nichediver Yes, fighting the adult content on Instagram has been a challenge, but we have a plan to greatly limit the amount 'questionable' content that comes from them. The issue is related to something we call 'hashtag spam,' and we'll be blocking posts that have more that 6 hashtags. Sorry you had to see that, and if you wouldn't mind, send me an email with the search term that you used so that I can take a look? Thanks!
@webtech Done, thanks.