Dossier Chat for Slack

Reply to website chats and customer emails on Slack

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Hey Friends! We're about to submit our Dossier app to the Slack app directory. It's a FREE chat for your website that you can reply to in Slack. Be great to get feedback on the signup experience, the content of the video (voice will be edited), and if it was easy to get started with Slack. And of course, it's FREE to use, so if it helps you close a deal or support a customer, that's awesome! We're a team of 6 in San Francisco.
This is quite interesting. I like the fact it doesn't depend on the visitor to have Slack or be logged into slack before being able to initiate a chat. I'd like to see where this is going. Quick question. If the visitor leaves the site, how will they be reached if you send them a message afterwards from within Slack. Would it go to their email? Good initiative tough!