Inverted Pomodoro focused for a truly work/life balance

We created Domopomo as a criticism of the high productivity in most people’s lives. Our desire was to show a different approach to manage your time and work. We really believe in a work/life balance and you can do it using Doropomo.
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We believe that we should be truly relaxed before working. The main idea is to have a longer break period than work periods. So we “inverted” the Pomodoro timer and called it Doropomo, that is, by default, a 25 minutes break time followed by a 5 minutes work time, then a longer work period. We want to question the quality of the time you spend working and also during the breaks.
Very well thought product and it seems so useful. I will try it :)
Niicee! Looks very useful. I can't wait when I try it :) Congratulations!
Like this fresh idea!
The other method has been proven time and time again. What study’s have you done on the inverse method ??
@hgottfried hello, we didn't say that Pomodoro Technique doesn't work or Doropomo is better. We want to criticize the productivity. We want people to rethink about this work/life balance. Try it! ;)