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Podcast show that interviews influential innovators

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Seriously one of the most underrated business/design podcasts around. The questions are always insightful, strongly recommended.
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@SachaGreif Thank you. Thank you :)
@SachaGreif Agreed! Good to see DRT on Product Hunt.
@robjama Thanks Robleh!
@williamchanner the name itself was enough to get me to start listening. Good stuff!
My latest interview was with @joshuatopolsky, we talked about design and running a profitable media business. Upcoming interviews: @debbiemillman, @scottbelsky, @simonsinek and @davemcclure
Who should I interview next?
@Jonnotie Agreed :) @rrhoover what do you think?
As I said when I first met you, I'm impressed with the calibre of people you have on the show, @williamchanner. You should you want me to pollute it? ;) I'd love to join.
@williamchanner Women. You have five interviews with women.
@stttories I tried to get @DaphneKoller, @brainpicker and @lyndaweinman on the show. No luck as yet. But I'll keep trying.
Excellent. Thanks.
@williamchanner (or any listener of the show) - which are your top 3 favorite interviews?
@williamchanner @rrhoover 1. How To Think Like A Customer with Chris Guillebeau ( 2: Why Designers Need to Craft Words with Jeffrey Zeldman ( 3. How to Teach and Build an Audience with Chris Coyier (
@bkrall Nice list. I also like those interviews. @rrhoover asked for the impossible when he asked for my top 3. Really hard.