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Get paid when the price drops on flights & hotels. 100% Free


Automatic flight and hotel price protection.

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  • Mariana Reis
    Mariana ReisInteraction designer at Intuit

    On paper it's a great idea


    Everything else

    There's no easy way to browse what the product is exactly, what permissions it needs or even where in the world it works from the landing page. On clicking begin, being immediately asked to login in to my Gmail also did not help with the trust issue at all.

    How are these people making money again? And then the next screen, asking for a phone number. No transparency as to how many steps this setup process has. Heck, I didnt even know I was going through one. I stopped there in distrust and went back to read the comments here, to find out the geo requirements. Product discovery you guys. Enable it.

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  • John Tompkins
    John TompkinsElectrical Engineer



    Credit Card Fraud

    I went ahead and tried it. I didn't get any savings and my credit card was used two times for online purchases of $600 and $1150 at Columbia Sportswear and Value City Furniture. This happened within 24 hours of me inputting my credit card info into their system. I talked to their customer service and they insist it wasn't them and they are not at fault. It just seems too coincidental that this happened today. I would AVOID THIS AT ALL COSTS!

    John Tompkins has used this product for one day.
  • Kartik Dadwal
    Kartik DadwalFounder at Questionsly; UCLA MBA

    Simple and easy to use. I'll the interface


    Asks me for my email right away instead of letting me explore some of its features to begin with.

    Do not pay - quite a nice name to begin with!

    Kartik Dadwal has used this product for one day.