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DoneDone is the simple issue tracking and project management app with help desk and customer support features. It’s the all-in-one place to keep track of all your projects & customer communications. Keep it simple. Get things done. Start using DoneDone today!
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7 Reviews5.0/5
Hi Product Hunters, It all started a decade ago when my agency partner, @ka_wai_cheung , was unhappy with the bug tracking options we had at the time. We decided to create our own and named it DoneDone. Fast forward a decade or so and DoneDone remains a bug tracker but is also so much more. It’s a task tracker. It’s a project management tool. It’s a customer help desk. It’s an applicant tracking system. It manages any of those workflows or one you design tailored to your team. It’s the easiest way to manage your projects and your customers, all in one place. Our own remote team uses DoneDone to stay on top of projects, provide support to our customers and hire new team members. That’s how we’ve used DoneDone ourselves. We’re incredibly excited to see how other teams use DoneDone to get work done. As a special thank you to supporters from Product Hunt, get 10% off for 12 months by redeeming product code producthunt10 by September 30th.
Hey Product Hunt, There are very few simple but useful, functional yet beautiful task and issue trackers out there. I remember thinking this back when we developed DoneDone in 2009. We thought we could do better. It’s a decade later, and many such tools have gotten more complex and even less aesthetically pleasing. Our goal with DoneDone is a product you enjoy using and looking at every day that doesn’t take days to learn. Our custom workflows ( feature is a great example: It allows you to build your own set of statuses tailored to your needs but without the massive overhead that other products offer. We’ve had customers leave our product only to come back months later because what they thought was a more “robust” solution only ended up causing more confusion. Simplicity is and will always be the backbone to our product. Get 10% off for 12 months by redeeming product code producthunt10 by September 30th.
We use this product every day for all of our clients! Couldn't be happier!!! Seriously check it out.
Our production company loves DoneDone! It's a simple and creative way to track projects. We highly recommend it!
We use this product every day for interaction with our customers and managing our development tasks. In the past I have used many bug systems and most of them seem to become more of a burden than a tool. DoneDone keeps things simple and keeps progress moving! Great to see it make it to Product Hunt!