A TODO list for productivity and procrastination lovers


Want a minimalistic to-do list Chrome extension?

Done? is a fast and handy to-do list with simple functional and design. Write down your goals and focus only on what matters!

Excess is killing productivity, therefore Done? is maximally simple, without marked items and buttons that prevent focus on important.

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This list is great for the technique that is advocated by Chris Do. It's called "Focus Sheet". The idea is that you have to complete your tasks one by one, starting from the first added. New tasks are added to the end of the list. (First-In-First-Out, for the developers out there.) It makes you really focus on the tasks and not spend time on prioritization.


The simplest to-do list ever, no distractions at all! 🔥 Keyboard controls make it very fast and easy to use. Great as a Focus Sheet.


None so far

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