A mobile locator service to drive retail sales.

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The company I co-founded is now Dónde, run by my cofounder, and just raised a milli to attack the brand world. If you run a cool brand with physical products, worth a look!
Fantastic name. @dshan - want to share what your startup/Donde started out as?
Sure thing. Foodtree was initially focused on food provenance - we felt it was (and still fucking is) crazy that sitting in restaurant you could basically find any piece of information you wanted about the world except what was in your food. More importantly, the more we know about what we eat, the more we make decisions that benefit the food system. So we tried to build tools that made it easier to see the who, what, where and how of what we ate. It started kind of like an Instagram for food advocates and small food producers, and evolved towards a 'marketing suite' for bigger high-quality (ie sustainable, transparent, organic) food brands - to help them leverage today's tech better. We essentially ran out of money, and Tony and Fabien regrouped and took a more brand-focused version of what we built to the Brandery, an incubator in Cinci.
Take "small" pieces of the web and make them awesome. Like Swiftype for search.