Donate to Puerto Rico

Chrome Extn to help Puerto Rico recover from the hurricanes


Donate to Puerto Rico is a chrome extension that displays an array of photos ranging from the stunning landscape of Puerto Rico to drone shots of the aftermath of the hurricanes.

All revenue earned from this app is donated to charities working towards the rehabilitation of Puerto Rico's residents.

Inspired by The Daily Show:

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Lijo Isac
Kanwar Arora
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  • Kanwar Arora
    Kanwar AroraDigital Nomad | Product Designer

    An initiative that presents itself in the most solicitous way and provides a platform for individuals who wish to contribute for the cause


    Technical issue of loading the extension for the very first time, but nothing in compared to the noble cause for which it has been developed

    Fills me up with a small sense of satisfaction to have been able to contribute globally towards this horrific disaster that the people in Puerto Rico had to face in their lifetimes

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  • Pros: 

    Thank you for your kind heart!!!


    More people should help. NONE

    Just installed and help PR.

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  • Pros: 

    It is a very creative way to remind others to bless others.


    Not sure yet. I will update my review in a week.

    I will give an updated review after I use it for a week.

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