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Giving a voice to all common people from any type of background is awesome! I'd love to have this in my country. Have you thought of scaling this in the future, inside and outside the U.S.? Also, it would be interesting at some point to be able to see approval or disapproval depending on other variables, like age, professional background...etc. Great job!


This is such a great idea!


I want this in my country.


Excellent design and product, looking forward to seeing how it grows


Excellent concept


Need more politicians!

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@brendan_morin - What do you think of the upgrade? -
@adamtreister I like where you're going with the primary candidates - perhaps grouping them by election would be sensible (e.g. have all primary candidates from one party together since that is the voters' next choice, vs lumping Trump in with a field of Dem candidates). Also I think fuzzing or hiding the approval rating below a certain threshold would make sense (e.g. Yang's approval currently says 100%, but that's more likely because there aren't enough samples to derive a true approval rating yet).

Stop lying


No pros here not even in verbal communication


Stop harassing USA citizens spiritually