Dominos Bot for Messenger

Order a pizza from Domino's Pizza, right from Messenger

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Order pizza with a bot. Is this not the future we were promised?? Is this not what humanity has been aspiring towards since the dawn of the enlightenment?!
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@chrismessina what's your point. Some business area shoud not use available tools ? It's not because this is not mind blowing that it deserves a punch in the face. I would be happy to use a bot with the few local restaurant I enjoy. Peace
@_pascalandy I was being facetious. Of course I think it's cool to be asked to order 🍕 via a bot!
First fail in UX with bots. The bot opens a new window to log in. At future Facebook should allow some utilites to write a pass in a conversation (and delete it after few seconds). Because what is the point of bots if we have to still use webs?
@carlosdece Yeah, bailed at the login step. I'll go hungry.
@carlosdece In the newest messenger release, they allow mini-webviews that look more like they are part of the messenger app.
Was it a requirement that in order to use the bot one should sign in to his Pizza Profile? For me a great advantage of a bot is the ability to take orders extremely fast and without any unnecessary actions.
I love that Dominos keeps trying to push the limits of all the different ways you can order a pizza. I hacked an Amazon Dash button last year using a node wrapper on their API: and then made an AWS Lamba version for the AWS IoT buttons... I just wish that Dominos would open up their API (especially access to a user's Pizza Profile) to allow more people to play around and see what they can come up with and acknowledge their creations instead of just making a Flic version of my idea and marketing as their own (that's how I took it, but it could have easily been in development before I released my "hack").
I'll stick with their app.