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Violeta Nedkova
Creative Rebel Coach
It's like Quora but for freelancers! I'm finding much inspiration and useful info on there. :)
Hey everyone! I'm one of the makers of Domino (I share the honor with @clbecker). We want to make freelancing as easy as tying your shoelaces (single knot, not a double). There's currently far too much friction involved in getting started as a freelancer, let alone succeeding, and we believe that education is the first piece of the puzzle. I was a freelance photographer for 7 years and made many, many mistakes. I hope there's even one or two that can help you. Are you looking for a suitable victory dance for when you get your first client? Need a good pen to sign your service contract with them? Do you need help with invoicing or managing your cash flow? Ask away and I'll do my best to help.
Michael SuenDesigner, Weirdo
Congrats to Alex and his team! They've nurtured a wonderful community — both on their website and on Slack. As someone striking out on their own, I spend a lot of time in my own headspace, so having a group of creative, entreprenurial types that I can mindmeld with at anytime for expertise, recommendations, feedback, advice, encouragement, or even a little comedy has been a huge benefit.
@poetichentai Wow, thank you for the kind words, Michael. You've been a great member of the community :)
Paris Rouzatibuilding something in brain health
Alex! Congrats. Freelancers, this is your jam. Trust me.
@parisrouz Thanks Paris ++
I like it! It comes to be pretty useful. Good to focus on freelancers and connect them. I've already found valuable advice. Congrats Sin @automaticyes and @clbecker! :)
@paolatorv Thank you, Paola :) We've been very surprised by the diversity of people in the community. There are Dominoes all around the world, from Europe and the U.S. to China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Australia, Brazil and Argentina. I think that level of cultural diversity helps provide a broader range of answers to the questions people are posting
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