Premium domains, for not so premium prices


If you're like me and you spend a decent amount of time daily looking for a good domain to buy, then I'm about to make your life easier.

I pick out multiple domains everyday, and post them for you to register. For free.

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    Not much


    All the domains listed are not premium, you can't make money with them

    They list trademarked domains and you will get screwed

    I had a very bad, in fact worst experience with these guys. I am very new to domain flipping, I got to know about this website from one of my friends. Before purchasing premium membership, I DM'ed these guys in twitter and they suggested to buy premium, so then I immediately paid 15$ for one month subscription. Since I am paying money, I believed in you guys and put up my 300$ to buy your so called premium domains. Then, I asked a few people about the domains and they said many of them are trade-marked. One question to you guys, when you say premium domains and take money for it, don't you take care while listing trade-marked domains, at least shouldn't you be responsible for making a visible note warning about it. When I emailed these guys, they said we have to check, then why did you take money for it?? Also, how can .me, .io, .co are considered as premium domains ???. Now I had to delete my domains which is just a waste of money.

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  • Gezim Hoxha
    Gezim HoxhaFounder, Zip Recipes

    Not much


    Lame domains

    There's barily any .coms

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