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Very handy! Front-end could use some work though. I think something as simple as messing around with the fonts could drastically improve the look of the site.
@domainoji I hope the bootstrap look wasn't a dead giveaway that design isn't my strong suit :) I agree, the front end could use a lot of work, if people really like it, I can work on it, I figured sharing it first would be better
@kevinohashi I'd be happy to help to help out with the design, if you're interested.
@domainoji maybe send me a message privately and we can talk :)
I like it! My favorite hobby is buying crappy domains. Any tool that makes it easier. I am a fan of. Dope 🚬🚬
@dredurr Thanks! Glad you like it, hopefully you find a couple non-crap ones as well
@dredurr Lol what are some of the best/worst ones?
Nice one Kevin, any plans to add more TLDs?
@thetwopct maybe in the future. Depends really how popular/useful it is. It's hard to do so many lookups quickly, im using zone files right now, so it requires zone file permissions from any new TLDs.
Hey Kevin, does this have some kind of saferwhois feature that keeps your searches private? My concern would be I'd do a search here and a bot or automated service would swoop in and claim a domain from my search.
@davidvkimball I wouldn't worry about that. The most profitable domains are misspelling of unicorns then sell it back to the company. If you are searching for the next "TaxWolf" or "AccountZebra" no one will swoop in and buy it after you. 😂 lol
@davidvkimball so the only place it's being sent is me (although I am not on HTTPS, so someone could be snooping the wire). I'm not actually checking against any live whois for people to snoop. It's using the zonefile, so it's not 100% accurate on availability, but that's the tradeoff of searching thousands of domains in a second I decided to make. If you click through to a registrar it should give a realtime check.
It's an interesting tool but being locked to .com without any other TLD's makes its usefulness limited.