Documents 6

A mobile hub for all your files.

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Denys Zhadanov
@denzhadanov · VP of Marketing at Readdle
Hi guys, 9 years ago we launched our first app, ReaddleDocs, the same day App Store was born. ReaddleDocs became Documents, and it is now a central hub (aka Finder) for millions of people. Today we take it to the next level. Two major news today: 1. Documents 6 brings Finder-like experience to iOS with all the new bells and whistles. 2. Drag and drop betw… See more
Pavlo Pedenko
@pavlo_pedenko · Product Manager at Setapp.com
Wow! That is game changing for the whole platform experience. Finally, there is a reason to buy an iPad.
Alex White
@alexwhitedev · Freelance web dev, entrepreneur.
Oh wow, that's incredibly cool! Would be amazing to see a library made available that let 3rd-party apps interact with ReaddleDocs apps the same way.