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#4 Product of the DayOctober 23, 2019
Document360 is a self-service knowledge base software that helps to educate your customers about your product and reduce your support cost.
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Hi Product Hunter’s, Document360 Founder here. Document360 is a Saas platform that helps you to build a great self-service knowledge base for your customers and internal users (public or private knowledge bases). Do we need another knowledge base platform in the market? This is the same question we had 2 years ago before we decided to build Document360. We have a few other enterprise products in the company and we were struggling to maintain a good knowledge base for over 3 years. We were using the knowledge base provided by the customer support tool vendor and struggling with so many gaps. When we started looking out for a better alternative, we realized the knowledge base market is dominated by customer support vendors and they pay very little attention to the knowledge base side of their product. They were missing trivial things like version control, auditing, category management was either clunky or limited to 3 levels, basic workflow (draft writer, editor) and so on. There are few products in the market that focus purely on Knowledge Base. We evaluated and even moved to one of them, only after a few weeks we realized they are not matured as well. On the other end of the spectrum, there are some extremely good enterprise documentation tools with rich features, but they are too expensive, too complicated with steep learning curve. We ideally want something in the middle ground, easy to use but rich with features. This is when we decided to build Document360 with the objective of providing a good knowledge base product with the complete set of features like great Markdown editor support, version control, seamless category management, powerful realtime search, clean UI/UX and so on. The product was softly launched at the beginning of this year. We didn’t make any big announcement or launch celebrations. We kept it quiet and worked with a few key customers and fine-tuned the product. The UI/UX is revamped 4 times completely based on usage patterns and feedback. 🙌 Customers : Today we already have some top customers using the product like,, Microsoft, IATA to name a few. A few customer live sites built using Document360 Shout out to @kevinwdavid for hunting us! We are super excited to be on Product Hunt today and will be around all day to hear about your experiences, any ideas and feedback you might have. 🙏
Some products and teams shine above the rest. Not b/c they are better than others but b/c they care more about their users. I just love this product and I appreciate Saravana's POV about putting users in the center. Way to go, team!
thanks @yam_regev greatly appreciate your feedback.
Saravana and his team are the real deal. They care about the problem they’re solving and have built a knowledge base tool that fulfills on it’s promise. It’s incredibly scalable and versatile, and the team behind the product is responsive and attentive. They’ve come a long way since their early versions - the current tool is a good fit for any size company needing a knowledge base that will scale.
Thanks @aaron_krall1 for your great feedback. I still remember the day we sat down and gone through the User Interface improvements required on the on-boarding flow. Can't believe one year gone so quickly! We are happy we didn't jump and launch the product in a hurry.
A key to great service is flexibility. When I reached out to them, they created an experience and impressed me and my team with the initial set of demo's and presentations about the product.
All the best Saravanakumar for the launch