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Raffael H.
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Thanks Ryan. Well I need to explain that in detail: In fact, DockPhone kind of is built on top of FaceTime's capabilities. As you know, originally FaceTime was basically meant to provide video chat between two AppleIDs. Then they've added audio-only chat using VoIP. And recently, in Yosemite, they've also added the capability to not only call AppleIDs, but to call any number you desire, using the carrier connection of your iPhone if it's nearby. However most of the people I asked didn't know that they can use their Mac's FaceTime app to call any arbitrary number, because it's kind of hidden, and cumbersome to use. So I thought, Hey, we need a dedicated app to make it crystal-clear, that you can use your Mac as a phone basically. This is what DockPhone is about. :)