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Hi - one of the makers here! Markdown format (.md) has been gaining a lot of ground in building blogs, documentations, books; yet there is a dearth of tools that can take the raw sources and build a hub around it - in-page table of contents, navigation b/w pages, searching of data. Docbase translates raw .md projects into beautiful documentation hubs. It's also github first, so if your .md project is hosted with github - it can link generated pages back to the source for easy collaborative editing. Docbase is like jekyll but only for markdown documentation. It has features like documentation versioning, theme colors, and offline search that gives it an edge. It is open-source (MIT licensed) and comes with a CLI generator that is easy to work with.
@siddharthlatest Awesome! We use Jekyll for a few websites already, and the idea of using a similar tool for docs sounds great.
beautiful front end design and UI/UX!
I have kinda fallen in love with Markdown for onpage content elements...