Do You

Sexual wellness and discovery app (interactive erotica)

Do You is an app designed to make sexual self-discovery fun and engaging. Play out exciting fantasies as the main character in erotic chat stories told via texting. Experience your favorite turn-ons or find new ones — all in a safe consent-based environment.
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I've been following Do You for a couple months now and am super stoked to see their public launch! I figured that now, in the time of #stayinghome and social distancing, was the best time to post a way to invest in yourself and build a relationship to get in touch with your sexuality.
Hi Product Hunt! 👋 Do You’s on a mission to modernize and normalize sexual wellness and exploration. Perfect for some "me time" while you #StayAtHome! As you explore the app, you will see lots of amazing content: entertainment articles, Q&As with a sex therapist, erotic artists to discover, personal narratives, and trending sextech reviews. Most excitingly, you will find a growing library of unique interactive choose-your-own-fantasy stories (from romance to BDSM to sexy fantasy/sci-fi), which you can play as the main character. ✨ You get to customize each experience to suit your curiosity and are completely in control of where each story takes you. Pick characters to play with, explore various erotic fantasies, and discover new turn-ons — safely and anonymously. Replay your favorite stories as often as you like to find all the different narratives, or try out other thrills from a variety of genres. We'd love for you to check it out and tell us what you think!
Love this app, it's actually very sexy. Also very sex-positive, based around consent, and welcoming to people of all sexualities and gender identities.
@lillycameron We are so glad you enjoyed it! Appreciate you checking it out and sharing your thoughts! 🌟
Hi! 😎 So excited to see our app launched and featured on ProductHunt! 🎉 We are a small female-founded, diverse, fully remote team, headquartered in New York City. Here's a great interview with my co-founder and me about Do You, if you'd like to learn more about us: We hope you love it — and we're around to answer any questions! 💁🏻‍♀️❤️
App unavailable in the United Kingdom.
@exopaul Hi Paul, we just launched publicly in the US and Canada, but expanding soon! Sign up for our mailing list at to be the first to know when we launch in the UK - or follow us on Instagram (
@exopaul @do_you_app great, another needlessly region-locked app 🙄 What about countries other than the UK? When will the app be available worldwide? Also, do you have any plans to make an Android version soon?
@anna_0x Absolutely! As an Android user myself, I'm excited to bring the app to the Google Play Store soon. We'll be expanding worldwide later this year as well. Every app has to start somewhere. We just launched locally on iOS, and tested out our user experience in North America to ensure the app is delivering value to our users as intended. Now that we've gathered initial user feedback and improved the experience as a result, we will be working on growing into new markets. Each country has their own legal, linguistic, technical and cultural norms and challenges, especially when it comes to sexual wellness content. We want to be mindful of those and respectful to each locality where our app becomes available. Sign up for our mailing list at to be the first to know when we launch in new countries -- or follow us on Instagram (
@elayne_safir I already signed up. 👍🏻 Regarding the "Each country has their own [...] linguistic, [...] cultural norms and challenges" part... Unless you intend to translate and localize the app's content for each market, I don't think that all that's very relevant. I also don't think it's disrespectful in any way to release an app that hasn't been localized. I don't know what kind of changes you have in mind for each new market, but I'm personally annoyed whenever I discover that the content I consume has been "localized," AKA tweaked in a way that the content creators assume I will like more. 🤷🏻‍♀️ If and when you happen to need beta testers for the Android app, feel free to let me know. I'm really curious to see what this app is all about.
@anna_0x Thank you for offering to be one of our Android beta testers! 💪 When it's ready, we'll make sure to notify you and the other subscribers so you can try it out.
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