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Alexander Tibbets
@mrtibbets · Works on IFTTT
Do for iPad and Apple Watch — read more at http://ift.tt/b_doforipad
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Linden Tibbets
@ltibbets · Works at IFTTT
We're thrilled to introduce Do to the world. It's an idea we've been working on ever since we started IFTTT and we can't wait to see how you put these apps to use. Our team has so many great ideas on how to evolve Do from here, these 3 apps are just the beginning!
Drew Reynolds
@nydrewreynolds · Software Developer at Gramercy Tech
This is exactly what people thought Yo! would be able to become, 1 button actions. IFTTT was able to use their existing web product and take it even further. Loving this! Great job @ltibbets & the IFTTT Team!
Stefan Ritter
@stefanritter · building @ruumapp
Nice work guys! smart way to conquer mobile!
@troblous · Kin.today co-founder
Just installed the three apps and the onboarding is pretty awesome!
Jeff Soo
@jeffsoo · Product Designer, Oculus
Awesome! Nice little touch using an app store screenshot to credit the team