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DIY Camps are magical online learning experiences for kids. We connect groups of 20 kids who share the same interest and pair them with one of the world's best counselors. Together they sprint for four weeks learning new skills. They use the DIY Camps app to share videos of their work and get feedback.
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Killer Product! My kids are too young...but after clicking around...I want to do some of these camps. You guys need an adult version. :)
@zachklein I LOVE DIY! And I'm so happy I can see the team behind it! What made you decide to create DIY? And what makes this feature so special?
@erikfinman I enjoy making communities. For a long time I've wanted to create a place focused on learning and I was drawn to kids because they possess special qualities that I feel most of us lose on the path to becoming adults. They're fearless, they're not ashamed to be beginners, they're quick to use anything around them to express their imagination through prototypes, they're amazed by both the natural and technical world, they're magnetized to learning experiences that are indistinguishable from play, and they're the earliest of adopters. With DIY Camps we think we're pioneering a new learning model. We recognize that people are most effective learners when they’re surrounded by others who share their interests, regardless of age and experience level. Our app now make this possible for any kid for any subject anywhere – why be confined to a single teacher and one-track curriculum anymore? Bottomline: DIY is a hedge against the adult world turning the Internet into a list of cat GIFs. ;) PS. We're hiring: https://angel.co/diy-1/jobs
Such a great idea! Love the homepage design and all the courses available. Question: I clicked around for a while and couldn't find anything regarding how you vet the camp counselors. What are the requirements and what sort of checks do you do? Are they similar to what an IRL camp counselor would do?
@decktonic We employ a third-party investigator to do background and reference checks on every counselor. All camps are monitored by camp directors.
Awesome. This might take the place of a nanny/babysitter for the summer :)