A collection of diversity reports from popular companies


A side project that we did over the weekend at Drafted - A lot of companies have been publishing data about diversity and inclusion at their companies, but it's kind of hard to navigate since it's scattered across press releases, blogs, etc. Now there's one place to find all of them!

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Nick Colella
Lohith Ramanujam
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    Amazing resource for looking at company culture


    More data points are always welcome

    I can't believe this didn't exist previously. It's an awesome resource for getting an instant feel for company culture. Very readable and easy to navigate, as well. Thank you!!

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  • Lohith Ramanujam
    Lohith RamanujamBD @ Drafted

    Allows for an unvarnished comparison of how companies view improving diversity


    As with any dataset, it could always be more robust.

    Tools like this are making it harder for corporate leaders to kick the diversity can down the road. That's a good thing.

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