Clipboard history manager for Mac

Dittostack is a mac native clipboard history manager with a minimal design, styled to look like Spotlight search. It has a focus on speed and efficiency to create the optimium workflow for copy and paste operations. Launch Dittostack from any anywhere using the keyboard shortcut (cmd + shift + v)

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Flycutt is free: https://github.com/TermiT/Flycut and this is a crowded category: https://www.producthunt.com/ask/... Why do you think yours is better / different?
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Hi @imatincr. I used to use flycut and decided to write Dittostack because I wanted a more efficient clipboard manager. Flycut has a very simple UI that only allows you to see 1 copied item at a time, which makes it slow to browse your recently copied list because you have to do that 1 item at a time. Flycut does not have good support for multiple monitors, when the hotkey is triggered it opens only on the primary monitor. Dittostack has a minimal design and a mac native look and feel, which looks very similar to mac's Spotlight search. It shows a list of copied items on the left and a preview of the item on the right. It offers search functionality, which crucially is fast. It offers good support for multiple monitors. It is free to try, I encourage you to try it out and see if it works in your workflow. If you still prefer Flycut, I would find it very interesting to know why
@euan I actually use Alfred, historically used Flycutt. I didn't intend to suggest that Flycutt was better than yours, but was trying to evoke the response you gave. The description of the app here and on your site does little to differentiate it from the existing market.
Thanks @imatincr, that is a very good point. I appreciate the feedback. I will update the descriptions to make the differentiation clearer.
This product is especially useful if you are a developer that copies code and reference numbers/strings which you frequently use
@euan If I have two macs with the same account, is the clipboard synchronised?
@vali_draganescu No, there are no accounts and no data synchronisation. All data is only stored on the local machine
Thanks @euan for making Dittostack - would you be considering any data sync feature as a future release please?
Hi @angeloe, I have not had many users requesting this feature. I can see how it could be useful. If more users request this, then we will consider adding it. Thanks for the feedback
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Great job!! 😊 Will check it out! Want one for Windows desperately