Work distraction-free with your phone locked up.

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Lol I saw this last night. I say lol because the video showing it was someone taking their friends phone and locking it away. and she was NOT happy (as I wouldnt be!) This is a great idea for pranks...and also quite practical. Is there an emergency open just incase?
@ingmarlarsen what? Thats the URL the link in more info goes to...
I'm wondering if this is a prank or a real product. The Maker made the NoPhone (https://www.thenophone.com/) before and an easy solution to not being distracted by your phone would be to turn it off... 🤔 Is it April already?
@syswarren It's real, it's the harder way if you are driving (and drunk), family dinner, for kids that play Pokémon.
omg I (actually) NEED this.
@nivo0o0 think there should be one for me to put my laptop in too!
@bentossell @nivo0o0 As a parent I can see this being a valuable tool as my daughters enter the teenage years. "You didn't clean your room? Thats cool..." Out comes the DistractaGone
While marketed for food, you can buy a Kitchen Safe today for your phone addiction. Hey, @nireyal! You might find this interesting. 😀
This. Is. Un. Necessary. Just have it hidden like an affikomen & call it a day. @DistractaGone @nick_c @ingmarlarsen