Discover Meteor – What Is Meteor?

What makes the Meteor JavaScript framework so special?

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I really like the cover art on your podcast!
@alexcartaz thanks! Spent a while looking at other podcast covers before coming up with it :)
Congratulations on the launch. Perfect day for release :) Was cool to learn about optimistic UI's, really love that name! How did you transcribe the podcast? Manually, software, Amazon Turk, etc? Good thinking on having that on the podcast page. Has got to have a great impact on people discovering your podcast. Good design/planning of the podcast! Enjoyed the back and forth between both of you. Probably one person saying all of it would have been tiring for you to make and the listener to listen to.
@benwtnb Thanks! We used for the transcription. Great service and really fast turnaround (less than 24 hours).
@sachagreif you're really going to let me swipe that hunt on the day Product Hunt releases the Podcasts channel? 😉 Just checked and don't think its been hunted yet. Probably better for them if you hunt it than me though, so am resisting!
@benwtnb go ahead if you'd like to hunt them!