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First of all, I want to say a massive thank you to @bramk for posting Discover, Revue’s new side project! Hey there guys! A bit over 2 years ago I launched Revue, a newsletter service tool that aims to serve as a platform for people who have a voice and are willing to share it. Today we’re launching Discover, a directory of personal newsletters. More and more authors and thought leaders are taking to email to combat fake news, automated copy, clickbait articles and 140 Twitter character limitations. There’s an emerging trend of getting one’s thoughts, ideas and quality content into the inboxes of others. That’s why Discover consists of some of our most favorite personal digests out there and it now contains over 200 carefully selected curators. You can read more about the launch here: Take a look and browse through Discover, explore the personal newsletters on there and find your new favorite one! If you think we’ve missed one or a few, just shoot us an email or submit it here ( so we can add it in. No need to suggest the personal newsletter of @rrhoover, of course we already added his! If you’d like to see your personal newsletter on there as well, feel free to ping us at or simply fill out the form here:
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@thinker thanks Nick!
Revue is an already amazing platform, but Discover lifts it even higher. Great addition by a great team. Two thumbs up!
@madeawkward Aawww thanks guys <3
My good friend Martijn is killing it with Revue! One of my favorite startups in the Netherlands :) Today they're launching an awesome directory of personal newsletters for you to discover. Take it away @mdekuijper! 🙌
I have been a loyal Revue customer for over a year and can say that the product is awesome and the founding team behind it is phenomenal.
@grantgochnauer Thanks Grant, we're super happy to have you on Revue! 🙌🏼
I discovered Revue a few days ago and really asked myself how in the world I missed this. Looks like a great product! To be able to focus on what's important, I rely more and more on newsletters to surface relevant links and news from all the noise. Discover is great to find such newsletters!
@gflandre Hey Guillaume, that's great to hear. If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out.