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Thanks @chrismessina for hunting us and hi to everyone else! I’m Jesse, one of the founders of Discover. Discover is a Tinder-like iPhone app where travelers mark popular destinations as Been There, Add to Bucket List or Not Interested. For Bucket List destinations, travelers can find the perfect travel dates by viewing average flight prices and weather for the upcoming year and then proceed to book via Skyscanner. Travelers can also look at popular attractions, restaurants and hotels for each destination via Foursquare. In addition to browsing popular destinations, travelers can also take advantage of our Advanced Search. It’s basically like asking friends a common question we see in social networks like Facebook and Twitter… “I have two kids and live in London. Can anybody recommend a fairly close, cheap and warm place to fly to this December?” Happy to answer any other questions you may have about the product and future of Discover and be sure to check us out in the US and UK AppStore - http://apple.co/24BAn90 (Android coming soon next year).
Always happy to see more @hitlist_app-like apps in the world :)
@gillianim Agree and love your efforts in this space too.
Hello! Nice! Let me introduce our Eightydays.me, we've been creating this over 2 years and launched 4 weeks ago