[Discontinued] fwiw

A simple and stylish blogging platform

fwiw is a simple and stylish blogging platform, with a consistent design across blogs, yet customisable with minimal branding (you can add a custom domain with free ssl).
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I built this product because I wanted something like Medium, but with less platform branding. However, I love the idea of an interconnected community, so I'm working on a voting system for blog posts where the most popular can be seen on a hub page. However, I get that some people like to keep their blog just about them, so we're not going to have any ads or "related posts" sections on your site, and while by default, you get a url starting with "https://fwiw.me/", contact us and we'll happily add a custom domain to your site (with free ssl too).
A nice, simple way to introduce my self.
You can login with GitHub, Google or Twitter, and manage multiple sites (although while we're in beta, we limit you just to one). We're even building functionality so that multiple people can collaborate on a blog, and if you don't want everyone looking at it, you can set it to private mode so you can only view it in the editor.
its great but can u please add customizable backgrounds
@camdenreeeee That's a good idea, however, we do like a nice consistent style between blogs, but we are thinking about adding a theme colour setting, and we'd like to add banner images.
Working on an API right now