Incentivized Surveys for Conversion Rate Optimization

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Obviously everyone at Qualaroo are huge fans of qualitative feedback to improve conversions. Others can address models of collecting feedback and the pros/cons of each, but the more people who think about qualitative feedback as a crucial part of improving site/funnel performance the better. The Qualaroo team wishes you guys tons of luck!
Why haven't others in the space, like Qualaroo, already implemented incentivized surveys? What other advantage would Disco have if they did? cc @morganb
@AnujAdhiya That's a solid question, would love @morganb's or @everette's thoughts.
@AnujAdhiya I love Qualaroo... used it plenty while I led CRO activities at Intuit. I'm sure Sean Ellis could better address your question, Anuj, but I suspect they have their own product roadmap. We're focusing specifically on designing incentivized surveys for the cart page... which is somewhere you'll never see a survey. With our solution, you collect data from people who are closest to conversion and also help close a sale. We're excited to show everyone what we're building -- coming soon!
It's an interesting idea, but more useful for increasing conversions than actually gathering survey data. Any kind of incentive for completing a survey introduces significant bias and/or skew when people lie to just get the reward.
@sbyrnes Thanks Sean, and we partially agree with you. :-) Disco is more about making sales than collecting visitor data. Our early beta testing is showing tremendous promise for reducing cart abandonment. We pair a question with a discount, and the people who respond also tend to be the people who are closest to converting. Asking survey questions on the cart page is taboo -- but we're making it work. In fact, we're designing survey questions that reinforce the visitor's desire to make a purchase.
For one second I believed you posted http://disco.io ... Actually quite a different Disco :)
@antoinem Yeah, names can be misleading.
Hi all, this is a bit of a surprise. :-) I'm the co-founder of Disco -- and also Copy Hackers. Happy to answer questions about what we're building... I'll jump to a couple of the questions straight away.