Inspiring destination coworking experiences

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Ed Hsieh
Ed HsiehMakerHiring@edhsieh
Thanks for posting about us, Tristan! Hi Hunters! I'm Ed, a maker at DigitalOutposts. We help make it super seamless for people to get to an awesome place but stay productive, and have locations set up in places like Bali, Indonesia and Ko Phangan, Thailand. PRODUCTHUNT EXCLUSIVE We're giving away a $200 discount to any hunter who makes a booking by November 5th! Just use this link: We started this company because we're uber passionate about travel and discovering new places after working and studying abroad in Asia and Europe, and want to make it super simple for others to explore new places as well
Tristan Pollock
Tristan PollockHunterHiring@writerpollock · Venture Partner at 500 Startups
Want to work and live abroad, but not change jobs? Enter DigitalOutposts. They make it seamless for people to get to amazing locations (Bali and Thailand anyone?) that have pre-screened workspaces AND housing AND a social side (with devs to marketers to teachers to salespeople). I'm so happy this option is out there. I present you the palm tree emoji in celebration: 🌴🌴🌴
Ed Hsieh
Ed HsiehMakerHiring@edhsieh
@writerpollock Thanks so much for featuring us, Tristan!! Let us know if you want to come on a trip on your own or with a team! Email me any time at
Jason Lim
Jason Lim@jaezenlim · Product & Marketing Manager
@edhsieh @writerpollock @digitaloutposts Small world! I didnt know you knew each other. Congrats Ed! I hope to go on a trip sometime with you.
Ray Wu
Ray Wu@raywu · Co-Founder,
I've known @domi and @edhsieh for years, and have seen them evolved DigitalOutposts. My personal opinion is that if you loved your study-abroad experience, you got to do DigitalOutposts.
Ed Hsieh
Ed HsiehMakerHiring@edhsieh
@raywu @domi Thanks Ray, we totally agree. And for those who missed out on studying abroad, this is even better :)
Adam K Chew
Adam K Chew@adamkchew ·
This makes perfect sense for people that have that urge to travel but also want to be productive; 2 birds 1 stone. Good job, looking forward in seeing more awesome places!
Ed Hsieh
Ed HsiehMakerHiring@edhsieh
@adamkchew yep exactly right, just email me at when you want to join a trip!
Jason Lin
Jason Lin@jasonalin · Partner, Global Bridge Capital
Congrats @edhsieh! Great platform!
Ed Hsieh
Ed HsiehMakerHiring@edhsieh
@jasonalin Thanks so much, Jason!!